Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Olympic Outing Pictures

Here are some of the least goofy (it is all totally relative) pictures from my day taking in the Olympics.

BTW - Charlie and I are big fans of the self-portrait.

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Monday, February 22, 2010

Paper Quilting

I meet with a group of great stampers on the last Saturday of every month at the False Creek Community Center on Granville Island. Every month a different stamper demonstrates something for the group. A couple of months ago we learned Washi Paper Quilting. It was a lot of fun and here are some of the cards I've made using this technique. Hope you like them.

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Sunday, February 21, 2010

Craft Cave

I love my craft cave. I was smart enough to claim the 2nd spare room as my own and set about the task of clearing and cleaning all by myself. DH is still kicking himself for not thinking of it first and is, I believe, secretly plotting to turn the guest room into his own man cave. My cave isn't fancy. I subscribe to the 2Fs of craft room design: free and functional. Lots of re-purposed and recycled items and other stuff I've liberated from other family members. Whether I'm creating a card, further refining my organization system or sorting buttons and ribbons, this is my happy place.

This is one of two custom ribbon keepers I have in the cave. The keepers were hand-made by my stamping buddy's talented husband. There used to be three but I quickly outgrew the first one and have passed it onto my sister. I usually have to remind my sister to take things home but not the ribbon keeper - that she remembered.

This is the second ribbon keeper and my SU ink tower. Hmmmm, I just noticed the big space in the back. Maybe enough space for another ribbon rack or eventually another ink tower.

Cutting station number two. Ikea kitchen bars on my walls for punch storage, as well as, the row of PTI button jars on the window sill. Don't know what I'll do when their colour catalogue expands beyond the boundaries of my window sill. Bottom shelves of the wire rack hold my SU coloured cardstock and binders of unmounted rubber stamps.

CDs, PTI stamp sets, and other unmounted/acrylic stamp sets. PTI cardstock and cardstock bases. I'm at this shelving unit a lot, especially the shelf with all the binders. All my dies, stencils and even more stamps are stored within those binders. On the shelves below are wood mounted stamps organized by theme, my Coluzzle cutting system and random paper crafting manuals.

Cutting station number 1. Home of the Big Kick and the Tonic Cutter. The two shelves above hold class projects, loose ribbon, birthday cards and random things that make me smile. The counter is six craft cubes put together. The drawers hold everything and there are two ink lockers at the end.

The bulk (pun intended) of my punch collection. The kitchen bars are for the punches I use the most and these two shoe racks house the rest. Hopefully there will never be an earthquake in Vancouver because if someone tried to stand in this doorway they would most certainly be crushed by the weight of the punches.

Hope you enjoyed your visit to my crafting space. It was an excellent reason for me to clean and put stuff away. I'm so proud of the fact that there is now floor visible in the room. Can't guarantee how long it will remain that way, though.

Happy stamping!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Butterflies and Glitter

Thanks to all my stamping buddies and PTI pals for stopping by, leaving comments and sending encouraging messages. Your support is very much appreciated. Yesterday, Charlie and I were both off work and took in a lot of the free Olympic activities throughout the city. Took lots of pictures, laughed a lot, met some nice people and had a glorious day. But those pictures are for another post (Jeannie 0_o). Here are a few more cards from the "archives".

This is the card I made for SIL's birthday last year. Tri-folded, nestabilities, and glittered butterflies. I think the verbage is Stampin' Up but the Chinese calligraphy is from a set I've had for a really long time and I don't know the manufacturer. Next...

A more recent card, glitter free, that I made on special request for one of Charlie's co-workers who landed a promotion. Pretty simple lay-out. The Chinese character is a Dream Weaver Stencil and I used their crackle-paste technique and coloured with stipple brushes and chalk and pigment inks. And lastly...

A card I made for no reason whatsoever that has a glittered butterfly. Sigh. Using up the larger pieces of scraps from my bin and the last of a ribbon sampler.

Well, on review, I would have to say that I got my monies worth on that Cuttlebug die-cut/embossing folder. I should probably put it away for a while.

Okay, this is my last picture for this post. This is Olive. My sister's dog. We think she's a shitzhu/poodle cross (sorry 'bout the spelling). We love her. She's a great dog with a quirky personality. Since I don't have a dog of my own, yet, I have to live vicariously through Olive and heaven bless her she lets me...

Craft-on everyone!

Tuesday, February 16, 2010 last

OK. As promised, I am finally sitting down and blogging....with pictures. This is a card I made for my 4th nephew (I have 5 in total and one niece) Josh for his 10th birthday last year. I used a glitter painting technique I learned at the Stamp-Out-Breast-Cancer event at Granville Island. The technique uses double sided Sook Wang tape, olive oil soap, brass stencils and a whole lotta glitter. Next...

This next card was made using the same technique - glitter painting - but was made for my mom's birthday. Brass stencil for Chinese symbol for longevity. Next...

This may sound odd but I swear I really didn't like glitter for a long, long time.

Butterfly was made with yet another glitter technique using acetate and peel-off stickers. I think the stamps are Inkadinkadoo and I think I did some stenciling with sprays. The top mat with the butterfly is actually a gift card holder. I don't know if you can see the bow on the side but once undone opens to reveal a gift card. This card was for my most favourite cousin, Janet. She shares a birthday with my mom and my husband. It is always a very busy day for me.

And the last - is not a picture of a card - but I L-O-V-E taking stupid pictures and this one was from our summer vacation to Cannon Beach in Oregon.

Beeker! I take him everywhere now. Sorry about the quality of the pictures, but I'm working on it. Some of my more recent pictures have better lighting. Okay gotta go. Canada is kicking Norway's butt 3-0 with 1:27 in the 2nd period.



Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Blog and Olympic Readiness....excuses, excuses.

I started this blog a few weeks ago and it sat here empty. No posts. No pictures. Nothing. I can't blame it on anything but sheer lack of motivation, aka laziness. Well, working very hard on the new normal so I thought I should post something. If I put something out there into the universe (exposing my inner flake as I type), it WILL happen.

"Do you believe?" are words we, as Western Canadians and Vancouverites, have heard repeatedly for probably the last 24 months or even longer. The countdown to the 2010 Winter Olympics is down to the final days and hours. I have to admit, sheepishly, that I believe. I have caught the Olympic Spirit. My big plan this weekend is to get downtown and explore the sites and just be a part of this once in a lifetime experience. I'm hoping the weather will cooperate and I'll be bringing my camera with me. Hopefully buoyed by the Olympic spirit, I will post some of my pictures from my outing along with a few craft pictures too.

So I ask you believe?