Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Rainy Wednesday

Not a big fan of Wednesdays, never have been.  Only way I can think of describing Wednesday is its the last big gulp of air before you push through to the weekend.  Wow, that sounds bleak.  My to-do list is about the length of my arm but I'll set that aside and post a card instead.  I made this card for my good buddy's birthday but waited to share it with you until after I knew she had received it.


Stamps:  Kraftin' Kimmie Stamps; Stampin' Up French Script; Stampotique Originals Couldn't You Just....
Paper:    PTI Stampers' Select White, Black and Lemon Tart.  Left-over background from PTPC1
Markers:  Copics
Embellishments:  PTI rustic twine and 1/4" white silk (coloured with R43)

My bruise is healing - I think the comments sections was dead-even for appreciative comments for my origami ball and the awesomeness of the bruise....funny - and it feels much better but looks about 4x worse.  The black and blue part is breaking up so it is way gnarlier looking and about 3x the original size and seems to be shifting to the back of my leg.  I HAVE been photo-documenting the bruise progression and may just scrapbook a two page layout to it.  Ode to my bruise.  Why would I scrapbook my last four vacations when I can scrapbook my bruise?  Priorities.

I really dislike the Chicago Blackhawks.  Two years in a row they eliminate the Canucks and it is just...gross.  Now it looks like they may eliminate the Sharks too.  Sigh.  I was actually yelling at the TV the other night at that one guy with the name no one can Vancouver they call him Buffy the Luongo slayer...which is sadly what he is.  Double sigh. 

Well, I think that's about it for me.  I think I'll call it a night and have a few spoons of chocolate, pecan caramel ice cream (same company that makes Moose Tracks [edit: Island Farms...checked while I was spooning it out of the container]...if you live in Canada and you can get your hands on some Moose Tracks ice't walk.  Yes, Jeannie, I'm talking directly at you!)  Hopefully the next time I post it will be with some pictures from Hawaii.  Yes, Beaker is coming along too.  So far, he's the only thing I've packed....priorities.

Friday, May 14, 2010


WARNING:  If you are even slightly prone to queasiness, after reading about my random paper crafts (pretty) for goodness sake STOP!  Do not venture further to the ugly.  Consider yourself warned.  I will now continue with my regularly scheduled blog post.

How has everybody been?  I've been busy.  First I'd like to share something I've been working on for a while.  It took some time to construct but I'm quite happy with the results.  But, of course, a little back story.  There are some blogs I like to visit for inspiration or when my mojo is lacking.  Three that I visit often are:   All Things Paper  Dude Craft and Folding Trees 

So here's my version of the Kusudama Ball.  The full tutorial is on the Folding Trees website.  It is supposed to be constructed of 3" x 3" squares of paper.  Well, I only had 6" x 6" squares of origami paper.  Now that I've done the big daddy version I may try the smaller version just for kicks.  Some people scale mountains because the mountains are there.  I make things out of paper because I have the paper.  Oh well. 

Here's another shot of the same ball.  Originally I thought I'll make this paper thing as a  sort of commemorative of the new craft room.  Unfortunately because it is gigantor size I can't hang it from the light fixture in the middle of my room.  I had to hang onto the ball while I took the picture but I am still searching for a permanent home for this creation.  Right now its hanging from my Ott light but I'm afraid the bendy arm isn't going to last for very long.  At least its pretty.

Okay you were warned at the beginning.  I'm now segueing into the ugly.  But first a little back story:

So as some of you may know I started bicycle commuting to work.  I'm up to a solid 4 days a week (weather permitting) totaling about 80km a week.  Everything has been going along hunky dory:  getting into better shape, losing weight, getting more comfortable on two wheels, and making the trip in slightly quicker times every day.  Well, the inevitable happened:  I had my first kinda bad accident on my bike.  Let's just say I got up close and personal with what appeared to be a deceptively frail looking tree.  Of course, I couldn't help myself.  I have to post a picture of the bruise on my right thigh - which took the brunt of the damage and impact - I kinda graze my  cheek and right shoulder but the thigh looks the worst.  So without further adieu:  The Bruise.

Sadly my camera doesn't quite pick up the subtle shades of blue, yellow and purple or the depth or dimension but its still kinda awesome.   I'm kinda confused about the bright red line going down the center  - its not really a cut but its not a scab either.  I put polysporin on it just in case.  When I wear my bike pants, my right thigh is soooo swollen it kinda looks like I have steroid thigh...kinda like Arnold.  There are other pictures that are more graphic but I will spare you since I'm wearing a rather incriminating San Jose Sharks t-shirt and my husband didn't have the good taste not to include it in the picture.  Sheesh, boys.

Anyways, wow, this was a long post.  Um, where was I?!?  Oh yeah, that's what I've been up to plus a whole lot of uninteresting work stuff.  Hope everyone has an excellent weekend.   I'm thinking I'm going to revisit paper quilling in the near future.  If I come up with something interesting, I'll be sure to post it.  I'll try and resist the impulse to update my bruise pictures....but I can't make any promises (insert evil laugh).  Oh yeah, one last thing, if there are any cool blogs/websites that you like to visit let me know in the comments sections.

Okay, love you, bye-bye....

Saturday, May 8, 2010

PTPC1/Mother's Day Card

Hey dudes!

Hope everyone is having a spiffy May so far.  Feels like Spring has finally sprung in Vancouver.  Its bright and sunny but a little bit chilly.  Not complaining...just saying.  Anyways, the month of May also brings the first ever Papertrey Pixie Challenge - creating your own background.  I went back, back, back into the stamping archives to the first resist technique I ever learned.  Of course, I have forgotten its name but it is something like the resist that never ends.  Basically, you start with a piece of white card stock, stamp your images in Versa Mark, cover with clear EP and heat .  Once your entire sheet is covered in embossed images to your satisfaction, do a little direct to paper with your colour palette of choice and then put another piece of card stock on top and iron until the embossing lifts to the blank sheet so it kinda looks like this.

So now you have two sheets to choose from (or more if you decided to keep ironing onto blank card stock).  Anyways, I cut 1/4 of the sheet and proceeded to over stamp with more butterfly images, layer, embellish with ribbon and voila:


Stamps:  PTI:  Butterfly Dreams, Round and Round/Stampin' Up:  Well Scripted
Ink:  PTI:  Berry Sorbet, Raspberry Fizz, Lemon Tart, Summer Sunrise, Orange Zest/Versafine:  Black/Versa Mark
Paper:  PTI:  Berry Sorbet, Lemon Tart and True Black
Ribbon:  PTI:  Berry Sorbet satin
Other Embellishments:  Sonya's stash...sorry I can't remember where I bought the pearls but I think the flower is an SU brad.

Well, I hope everyone has a lovely weekend and mother's day.  Taking the mom person out for Lebanese food tonight.  

later gators...