Thursday, July 15, 2010

Food p-o-r-n

Hey Stompers!

I wouldn't necessary categorize myself as a prude but highly cautious and there's probably a huge list of words I'm a little hesitant about typing into oh...I don't know...Google...since you never know but really there is no better descriptor for what I'm about to share with you.  Some of the highlights of my vacation to Hawaii.

An assortment of musubi from this really great Japanese department store at Ala Moana Center.  You have got to give props to any department store that has a whole floor devoted just to food.  I LOVE SPAM MUSUBI!!!

Dinner our last night in Waikiki was at Nobu's.  I'm smiling so big because:

A)  I'm in Hawaii.
B)  I'm with my most favouritest husband.
C)  New favourite drink!!!!!!  Japanese cucumber, white peach sangria.  So nice I had it twice.

Part of our omakase was a serving of Wagyu (sorry if the spelling is wrong) beef.  Seriously, I totally get the saying, "melts in your mouth".   Love Nobu's and the two times I've been there I haven't been disappointed.  If you're near one and you love Japanese food, treat yourself - it is sooo worth it.  During this portion of dinner there was total silence at our table and I'm pretty sure Charlie had his eyes closed most of the time....hee hee.

Well we didn't eat at Nobu's every night or day but when we were at the North Shore I sure did try and hit Ted's Bakery's a few times a day.  Serious competitor for my love of musubi...MOKO frickin' LOCO.  I love that plates come with two scoops of rice and a scoop of macaroni salad.  Moko loco is two beef patties, a fried egg and yummy, salty brown gravy spread on top awesomeness.  This stuff kicks ass. 

Shaved ice at Aoki's - just across the parking lot from da otha place.  Love the technicolor syrup.  Really loved the azuki beans and ice cream at the bottom.  Have you ever seen two happier Canadians?!?  Just right after a morning of surfing.

Last but definitely not least a plate dinner of shrimp (although they'd probably qualify as prawns in other parts of the world) at Romy's Shrimp Truck.  Not a truck really but awesomeness abounds at this place.  These were the instructions we were given to get there by car: 

Kamehameha Highway...past Turtle Bay...around da corner....two, three minutes and your there.

Kind of vague but we got there, eventually.  It was followed by a nice piece of chocolate halupia pie from Ted's (which was on the way back) sadly the pie never lasted long enough to photograph but I have very fond memories of it. 

Well, that's all I've got to share.  For some reason, I'm really hungry!


  1. OK I have no idea what this stuff is…except for the shrimp down there -- but I am a total foodie and love seeing things like this! Sounds like you had a gastronomical blast!

  2. Well, I was going to leave a comment, but if you'll excuse me, I need to go get something to eat . . .

  3. Oh my! All of it looks out of this world delicious! I love food! You have just made me hungry!

  4. Yum, is right! I love getting to eat in new places and try new things. Hawaii looks like a good choice; would love to go there.

  5. Hey my sista! Looking good! Thanks for sharing!