Monday, October 25, 2010

Beaker Vacation Photos

Anyways, thought I'd share some photos from our recent trip to the U.K starring everyone's favourite lab assistant, Beaker.:

Beaker awe struck by the grandeur of Westminster Abbey.  Sadly photography isn't allowed inside the Abbey but I can say that Beaker thoroughly enjoyed his visit to the famous landmark.

Sometimes I wish Beaker wasn't quite so hard to read.  I don't know if the expression is, "wow can you believe this?" or "Look World!  I'm on the Millennium Eye!!"
Charlie and Beaker catching some rays in the V&A Museum courtyard.  There was a minor disagreement about whose turn it was to pay for gelato.  Boys....

Beaker posing with one of the guards at the Tower of London...

Hope you enjoyed the handful of pictures from our first batch of holiday photos.  I can't believe how many pictures we took.  Off to try and get some crafting done.  Have stamp club this weekend so hopefully will be back soon with something crafty to share.


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