Tuesday, November 30, 2010

What?!?! A card?!?!

Hey Crafty McCrafters!

Long time no post.  Kind of hard this time of year to post anything you're working on and not spoil the surprise for someone.  I've been making cards like cah-razy.  The holiday season is firmly upon us (if you were to believe the TV then its been Christmas since October.) For the festive season, I put glitter on E-V-E-RY card I make.  I love me some glitter.  Glitter also makes a great craft room security system because you can't walk into my craft room, touch anything and walk away un-glittered.  Its like 1978 in there.  So I believe I mentioned something about a card.  Granted this was a prototype so this particular card will not show up in anyone's mailbox but I liked it enough to share it with you good stampers....

The stamp set is PTI  as well as the card stock.  The center point or background was made by using the burnish velvet glitter technique.  The colours of Glitter Ritz glitter are:  Canadian Blue, Grasshopper, Liberty Blue and Blue Highlights.  Silver embossing power company unknown.

Seeing as tomorrow is December 1st I hope no one is feeling oppressed by their pre-holiday to-do list.  I've got most of my shopping done (not bragging, just saying....thank goodness for online shopping, gift cards and free shipping!) 

Anyways, that's it for me.  I'm going to crawl back under the covers and continue my fight against this cold that's been going around.  If you have time, drop by the Papertrey Pixies blog.  I just posted the December challenge - play along...if you fancy.