Saturday, July 2, 2011

Post No. 2 ?!?!?!

What?!?  Two posts in the same day?!?  Have I lost my mind?!?!  Been there, done that, bought the t-shirt.  I've been a busy little....since yesterday was Canada Day....beaver.  I'm a card making, closet cleaning, room organizing machine - oh yes I am.  Okay, toot-toot, that ends that portion of the post.  I've made two (2) cards recently (well 3 if you count the one in the previous post), cleaned out two (2) closets and have almost finished cleaning my craft room.   Okay, card number one:

High school graduation card for nephew number three, Aaron.  The graduate is a Stamping Bella and I used inverted scallop nestabilities.  All paper and ribbon is PTI.  Notice the nice little ribbon embellishment - simple, clean, masculine and spotted in ink....from my desk?!?!  Isn't that always the way - get all the way to the end and then ppphht!  Needless to say I had to remove the ribbon embellishment which was fine but then I had to look at my desk which honestly had seen better days.  So then I was thinking:  "hmmmm.......I wonder if I can use stamp cleaner on my desk surface?  Won't know until I try..."  So I took a piece of paper towel and sprayed some Ultra Cleaner (the blue stuff - get some if you don't already have some) and gave it a whirl in the corner.  Unfortunately I didn't have the presence of mind to take a before picture but get a load of this after:

So clean and now I can work on a surface bigger than 12 x 12.
In case you've never seen Ultra Clean.

It really is nice to have a clean surface to work on.  Visual noise turned way down.  Not 'there' yet but getting there.  Next card I made for Aaron's little brother, Josh (nephew #4), who is turning 12.  This one came pretty easy which makes me wonder if I have already made it before....but I don't think so....

Its an origami dollar bill space ship.  Again I used inverted scallop circle Nestabilities and I'm particularly proud of the rocket fire I made using frayed ribbon.  All paper except for the silver metallic CS is PTI.

So there you have it.  This is what I have been up to.  I won't share pictures of the cleaned closets but I'm especially proud of those.  Hope everyone is enjoying their long weekend.  After I finish this post, it'll be back into the closets for a little while before heading over to my brother's for barbecued ribs, dark-n-stormies and tuxedo cake.  Awesome!!

For those of you who I get to see IRL and who have been kind enough to ask after my mom, here's a quick update:  she's adjusted really well to her new surroundings; she's really happy; my siblings see her way more than they used to; and, probably by next week, she'll be moving into a new room on a floor for less acute people.  All in all the move to the facility has been really great for everyone and I feel really blessed and grateful for the both of us.


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