Saturday, August 18, 2012

What I did on my summer vacation....

Did you ever have to write one of those essays at the start of the school year?  I did and I don't have any fond memories of it...writing the essay not my summer holidays.  So, I had a week off last month for our annual visit to Oregon (Coast and Portland) and I can sum up what I did in the next two photos:

I spent some time in my craft room - organizing, cleaning and cutting up paper.  All scraps and all PTI and MFT dies.  I like to think of it as my pride card.  I did a 'bit' of shopping in Portland and bought 'some' shoes.  I bought some clothes too but I like the shoes better.  

Well that's about it for me.  This is a very tough, brisk blogging pace I've set for myself...once a month.  

Until next time, be well and enjoy the rest of the summer.

Later gators!