Monday, September 10, 2012

Busy, busy, busy

Morning!  Whose the lucky duck with a day off today?  Me!  Whose the insane person who got up at 6am on a day off?  Also me.  Well, I'm up - I mines well blog.  Had a very busy weekend but oddly enough had a lot of time in my craft room to play and get good and inky. 

A visit to Tim Holtz's blog and his tag for September is what started the creative journey for me.  I ended up making three cards and two panels/card fronts.

You know you're out of practice when:  you stamp a really great image in Staz On on a non-porous surface and then, like a nerd, go ahead and do polish stone with alcohol inks ON IT and around it.  Who forgot Staz On is solvent based?  Duh, me.  Anyways.....

Supplies:  All cardstock PTI/SU.  Embossing folders - too many companies to list.  Ranger alcohol inks and copper tape.  Metallic plumber's tape from the dollar store. 

So the finished card is actually the last panel I did.  It became my oldest nephew's birthday card.  We had his family dinner last night.  I think I like family dinners on Sundays - they end nice and early and everyone goes home at a decent hour.  Hmmm, this early hour has me musing (apparently), here's the card:

I also used PTI's Movers and Shapers: Poppers Happy die on the inside to make a pop-up.  All I will say is it is hard to make a card for a 23 year old male.

The next two panels are actually more in keeping with Tm Holtz's tag for September.  It was actually quite a fun and easy technique.  I don't know what I'll do with these panels but I find with card fronts like this you don't really need to do anything.  It kind of stands on its own very nicely without need for further embellishment or not...

These next two cards are an amalgam of the two previous techniques. What if I took plumbers tape, ran pieces through an embossing folder and then pieced them together like sheet meet? First experiment I polished stone the tape first and I found the result too busy even before I pieced them together. Then I thought, "aha!" I'll do plain embossed panels and use something to divide them up like an Asian screen. I like the five panel one better than the four. I think it has to do with the rule of three or odd number placement (or something like that). Here you go:

Well, in addition to the paper creations, I also got a chance to play in the kitchen.  I planned it out perfectly for yesterday as the weather was cool enough to have my oven on for a good portion of the day.  I started by make a cocktail syrup for Brandy Plum Sours.  Soooooo delicious.  Here's a photo of the syrup cooking down.  It did wonders for my pores and I think I got a little drunk on the fumes while taking the picture.  The cocktails were a huge hit. 

I also got a chance to bust out two new baking recipes.  Chocolate Stout Cheesecake Bars and Individual Peanut Butter Cup Cheesecake "Cupcakes".  The baking was for my work birthday buddy but since the stout recipe called for 1/3 cup of stout/Guinness I felt it was wasteful to open a bottle for one recipe and ended up doubling up and making two.  The family loved the cheesecake bars and Charlie has a whole corner to call his own.  Did I mention the cheesecake bars have a graham and pretzel bottom.  Chocolately, spicy, dense and ever so slightly salty.  I'm thinking there might not be enough cupcakes for the office so maybe I'll make some more tonight.  Maybe.

So that was my weekend.  I hope you had an excellent weekend too.  Until next time.


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