Saturday, March 16, 2013

Hipster Giraffe Birthday

Hey Dudes!

Thanks to Facebook all my friends' birthdays populate my iPad calendar so I'm trying to stay ahead of the calendar and get cards to everyone with upcoming birthdays.  I had no idea I knew so many people born in March and April.  Weird. Anyways, perfect opportunities for me to use some of the new stuff that keeps showing up in my mail box.  I made a card for my buddy Maria.   I love giraffes, even this guy who seems to be suffering from a bad case of Hip-steria.

No die for this bad boy.  That's right - I had to fussy cut this hipster by hand... curse his hipster hair!  CS is probably all PTI as well as the verbage.  The EP is Red Zing.  I'm so glad I bought soo many bottles of the stuff - they have some pretty great colours.   The background papers are from a 6x6 pack I picked up at Michael's.  I think its Authentique but I'm not sure.  For $2.40 (with a coupon) it was a heck of a deal. . Anyways, the giraffe comes with classes and even an emo-scarf....which I think is hilarious.  Anyways I hope she likes it.  I was running a bit late so I had to take this picture at my desk at work and the light is horrible but at least I got it off into the mail and managed to get a picture before sending it off.  So, hooray for me.

Anyways, off to make some more birthday cards.  I'm truly amazed what comes up when you use Google.  This morning I typed in, "zombie skin colour, copic combos" and got a bunch of pages to peruse.  Well, I'm off to perfect my zombie skin tone, not to be confused with vampire skin tone.  Seriously.

Until next time.


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