Monday, May 6, 2013

Reboot Day 1

Morning!  So today is day one of my 30 day reboot.  I was inspired by the documentary "Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead" and thought I'd give juice fasting a try.  I've done fasting before with the Master Cleanse (water, lemon juice, maple syrup and cayenne).  In comparison, the Reboot is much more lenient.  There's no eating but I can juice fruits and vegetables as well as drink water, herbal tea and coconut water.  So far so good...well...I'm only two juices in...but still so far so good.   I'm waiting for the inevitable detox from caffeine, i.e. really bad headaches but I'm hoping it won't be so bad.  There's a lot of prep and a lot of cleaning but I'm hoping to get better at maximizing my use of the juicer and minimizing the amount of time I spend washing.  I know it's best to juice and drink immedidately but I think it may be unrealistic.  I thankfully have today and the next two days to get my juice groove on and find a happy middle road since I'm back to work on Thursdays.

Juice combos tried far:

Green Machine:  kale, cucumber, celery, apple, pear and ginger.

How Many Carrots is too Many Carrots? (that's the best I could do for a witty title):  Carrots, beets, parsley, spinach and yellow pepper.

I doubled up on quantity on the carrots so I have a nice serving of juice chilling in the fridge for my mid-afternoon juice.

Observations:  I can feel the beginnings of a caffeine detox headache starting.  I'm hoping my one cup of tea/coffee habit won't be so bad of a detox compared to the time I kicked caffeine cold-turkey and I was drinking about three to four a day.  I'm surprisingly thirsty.  I know I'm supposed to continue to intake the same amounts of fluid that I usually take in but I'm actually feeling the need to drink water.  I feel sleepy (could have been the heat last night and not an entirely restful night's sleep) and am yawning quite a bit but I'm also feeling quite mentally alert.  I'm not hungry and I don't feel 'empty'.  The closest I've come to hungry was around mid-morning today but I figure it was because my body had used up all the juice and wanted more.  I'm trying not to over share but I'm awfully....burpy.  I'll say no more on that front.

So far, so good, I guess.  I'm going outside to take in some rays and start painting the railings on the front steps.  Should be a fairly low-impact way to spend my time in between juices.  I'm painting white on white so  I don't think there will be any harm if I decide to stop half way and take a rest or have a juice.

Thanks for checking in with me today.  Here's a picture of my 'breakfast'.

Day 1, 29 days to go.
Juices 2, 118 juices to go.


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