Monday, June 3, 2013

Reboot - Day 29

Wow, 29 days down and 1 day to go.  I'm feeling good, only had a handful of days when I wasn't feeling great but those days were on the extreme side of the worst-day-ever scale anyways - juicing or not.  My energy has been pretty amazing and my sleep has been good.  I don't know what's more amazing: the fact that I've gone 29 days without meat or the fact that I've gone 29 days without caffeine.  So far, I miss chicken way more than my pre-cleanse cuppa in the morning.

I stopped compulsively weighing myself about two weeks ago because it was becoming....compulsive.  Final weigh in will be Wednesday (first day, post fast).  I know I'm down at least 15lbs which is great but I have physical proof of further weight lost:  nothing fits.  My pants hang really low and feel longer, my shoes are loose, I've had to move one belt loop in and (this may be TMI) but I've had to re-adjust my bra straps.  I knew I would lose weight but the fact that my clothes would be looser actually never dawned on me.  Yay.

Well, I hope this is a lifestyle change I can maintain.  I know I'm going to be juicing for at least another two weeks while I phase in regular foods but I would like to continue to do reboot tune-ups throughout the year, 5-5-5 style.  If you're interested in the Reboot, Google Reboot with Joe or check out Fat, Sick and Nearly Dead on YouTube.

Thanks for hanging in with me.  I'll be returning with something craft related soon....promise.  Until then, juice on!

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