Saturday, February 8, 2014

Birthday Card and stuff...


Did I ever mention I love my new phone? I guess technically it's a phablet but I think she's neat.  I realized I've just gendered (which I'm sure isn't a word) an inanimate object but I believe I've crossed the line between like and love.  BTW her name is Philomena Andromeda - cuz she's a Galaxy  Note 3.   Whoa super nerd moment.   Passing.  Anyways I can blog on Philomena with relative ease as long as the Wi Fi holds out which leads me to the reason for my initially wanting to post:

I've been wanting to try this technique for a while so clean and simple but still interesting. I layered 3 shades of purple and colored a clear gem with a purple Copic.  

In case you didn't notice my crafty friend loves purple and she loves Minions so I made her one.  To me he looks like a Herman.   Hope she likes it.

Anyways it's currently -7 outside and it's family day this Monday.  Hope you spend the weekend with your loved ones doing something you enjoy and nourishes your soul.

Peace out, homies. 

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