Thursday, September 24, 2015

Birthday Invites

EDIT:  Even though this post is dated the 24th it seems it was lost in limbo since mid-August and just showed up today when I doubled checked why my scheduled post didn't publish.  See next post.  


Invitations made for a friend's MIL's upcoming big birthday.  The house looks like the 70s threw up all over the living room.  Why the house and not my craft room?  Because my sister asked me to make these invites and offered to help with the process and, really, my craft room ain't big enough for more than one person.  So, production was moved to the living room and the glitter reigned (pun intended).

Card design came together relatively quickly - which is why I'm a firm believer of having a lot of craft stuff at your disposal (hoard on my friends, hoard on).  The card stock is SU Real Red (thoughtfully contributed by my sister).  Embossing folder is also SU but retired which I picked up at a garage sale.  I finally used my TH texture fades to create the flat oval in the middle of all the embossing and the "shou" (longevity) symbol is a Dreamweaver brass stencil that I've had, oh, probably, 10+ years.  I used matte gold Dreamweaver embossing paste and covered the wet paste with Glitter Ritz ultra fine gold glitter.

If you're unfamiliar with Glitter Ritz glitter, the colours are amazing but the categories are a bit mystifying:  ultra fine = chunky and a bit transluscent and micro fine = fine and opaque.  I have both types in different colours but for this card I used ultra fine because I wanted it to sparkle and stand up against all the texture.  Micro fine is the stuff for the burnished velvet technique.

Hard to believe this is a one layer card.  Absolutely no matting and a whole heaping serving of texture.  I did enjoy the challenge and it was fun working with my sister.

So that's how I spent most of last Saturday and at the end of the day, to quote the B-52s, there was "glitter on the mattress....glitter on the front porch....".


Wednesday, September 23, 2015

Felted Ornaments

Happy First Day of Fall!!!

Someone posted on Facebook the other day about how many days were left until Christmas.  WTH?!?  Well, I'm proud to say that I've got a real jump on my holiday crafting:  two cards and two ornament.  For me, that's huge!

So thanks to my (cough) addiction (cough) to Memory Box and PTI dies I was able to make this lovely and hopefully first of many hand sewn felt ornaments for my friends and family:

I won't bore you with details of how long it took me to make this but it was a while and no one anywhere is in jeopardy of losing their sewing job to me.  The felt, star shape die and hanger die are all PTI.  The little Frenchie die is Memory Box.  I had to visit the local fabric store for thermal web and poly fil.  There was me and another guy and I'm not sure who looked more lost and confused - probably me.

Well, I was so happy with my initial results, I decided to up my game (as it were).  Woah.  So not the same experience.   I can say I whipped through the stitching really quickly this time but the beading?!?!  The. Beading.  This is the final results of having to cut out the beads twice and simplifying the design a bit.  I'm totally a beginner sewer and the beading AND sewing totally kicked my butt.  This beaut took me a few HOURS.  Thankfully the PTI dies were easy enough to follow or else everything would probably have been shoved into a drawer and duct taped shut forever.

I think I'm going to stick to the simpler iron design on the hand stitched shape and maybe only bead every two or three ornaments.  It's all about pacing, right?

Well getting this done was a real barn burner - sewing and ironing all on the same day.  Don't tell my husband.  Hopefully I won't be more blind and arthritic by Thanksgiving.

Anyways, thanks for stopping by.


Sunday, June 14, 2015

Memory Box - Butterfly Challenge

If there was ever a challenge I had to participate in, this would be it.  Memory Box is sponsoring a monthly challenge and the first theme is butterflies.

Memory Box dies - check
Butterflies - double check

the possibilities are endless but I made this card including my newest favorite technique laminator foiling on the butterfly.  I also used my newest favorite tool - the corner chomper. The leaves in the background are also Memory Box.   Here it is...

The washi tape is from Anthropologie, surprisingly, and the white panel is white dreamweaver embossing paste with a very light colour wash on top.

Thanks for schtamping  by.